445) Happy 6th Anniversary of my Transplant

March 12, 2015

The Birthday Dinner: This year we played it low key.  Did have Dale & Jan Yonkin over for Sunday dinner the day before the 9th.  That in itself was a wonderful re-uniting: Liz had never met Dale or Jan and we had a grand time telling stories and getting re-acquainted.  Will have to see them more regularly.

The Birthday of Mordechai the Miracle Kidney: Again low key.  My thoughts are that the first 5 years are monumental and deserve recognition.  Now I am thinking that 10 years, 15 years, and 25 years will be the BIG Birthdays to celebrate... kind of like wedding anniversaries.

Transplant Clinic Appointment: Liz & I went in for clinic visit on March 10th.  Dr. Lewis again reported that I am doing great! "You got a gang-buster kidney!".  Creatinine is perfect, etc. etc.  We are happy and I am relieved.  On the way home I realize that I always get quite anxious and edgy the week or so before my appointment.  Then, afterwards I am in a very good mood for days. 

For example, BP the next afternoon is 110/60.

Next blood work scheduled for June and next appt for March, 2016

Toast with Water!  Oh yeah, and today is World Kidney Day!

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