452) Bouncing Around, Myfortic?

May 1, 2017

Since my last yearly follow up, seems my meds have been going haywire: especially the Myfortic dosage.  For years it was a stable dose.

Then it was too low so the doc went to three in the morning and three at night.  Too high.  So then I was at 2 in the morning and 1 at night.  Too low.  Today Mary from the clinic called and starting today I go to none tonight and tomorrow and then I start at 2 & 1 on even days and 1 & 1 on odd days

I asked her if Dr. Lewis knew why I can go for years with no real med changes and then it's all over the place.  She says he didn't say anything, and she tried to assure me by saying, "It's just changes with time".  

She doesn't know how I dislike changes!  Next lab work a week from today at 7:30 am at the same place as USUAL. Ahhhh.

So it goes.   

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