25) When Old El Pasoans Meet

July 1, 2006

El Milagro: Noon. Herman is cannulating me and somehow it comes up that he is from El Paso too. So, we have to do the 'when old El Pasoans meet ceremony¹: there¹s no El Paso-style Mexican food in Austin; lots of El Pasoans move to Austin; and where did you go to high school? He is actually from Clint, in the lower valley below El Paso. Clint began as a rail stop for San Elizario, which was the county seat in the 1880¹s. Today it continues as a rural farming community producing cotton, corn and green chile.

I told Herman I went to Burgess and worked at Faben¹s Ice Company delivering ice all through the lower valley back in the early 1970¹s. Then we are off to comparing Mexican restaurants in El Paso.

Before I know it he¹s got me cannulated and we agree to continue our El Paso conversation. I watch soccer and see England loose to Portugal and then France beat Brazil, both upsets! Dialysis is very easy today and the time fairly zooms by.

Notes: In at 71.6 Kg, and out at 69.9 Kg.

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