40) Ho-hum in da Dol-drum

August 10, 2006

El Milagro:
Diane cannulated me today – okay job. She has mentioned several times that my fistula is getting easier to work with as it 'matures'. I wonder again if it is me or her that is maturing. Today is basically a b--o--r--i--n--g session. Read my book, watched the news, and slept. I am still committed to writing a post every time, to fully document the experience of being here. If it is boring for me, I hope it is boring for you, dear reader.

I observe the sunglasses Hollywood (important) lady visit with her sister; a younger version with the same glasses. There is dedication and loyalty in those who sit with their relatives here. Even if they wear smart scarves and shades.

My book, Fluke, is really getting exciting... and I will finish it before John leaves next Wednesday! So it goes.

Notes: In at 73.3 Kg. and out at 71.6 Kg.

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cheryl martin said...

Hey Jack - it's your cheryl. I have been very busy for a couple of weeks and have not had a chance to visit with you. So I just caught up on several of your messages - how could they ever be boring when you usually manage to make me laugh out loud? Like the important "glasses" lady, and who might be the one maturing - funny stuff. I'm wondering if you are still building that relationship with your kidneys/cysts? You didn't mention it again. I'd like to know when they begin to talk back. You know, I don't think my brother ever got beyond cursing at his kidneys - I'm not sure I would either. So, i'm intrigued with your process. Anyway, Jack I'm thinking about you. Will I get to see you next weekend, or will dialysis keep you from the Bat Mitzvah? I hope to see you. Take care.