45) Adding Machines

August 22, 2006

El Milagro:
Long conversation with Herman today about the new computers that I see between each Dialysis Machine. Herman reports that they are moving towards a paper-less system. Right now, each dialysis station has an associated clipboard with a piece of paper which is used to gather the patient’s data throughout their session. Staff write the beginning weight, BP, calculated weight loss for the session and then add info whenever they come by to check on the person. By the end of the session there is full piece of paper with lots of numbers and info on it. Then, staff have to type it all into their computer. With the new system, stage 1, the staff will data enter all the patient’s info directly into a computer by the station. By stage 2, the dialysis machine will talk directly to the computer and the staff writing or typing will be out of the equation.

Note: In at 72.7 Kg. and out at 71.1 Kg.
Today, before coming here, I gave a number of people at my conference this address, so we can expect more readers.

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