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September 5, 2006

El Milagro:
I weighed in at 75.5 Kg. today… that’s 166.4 pounds! I really ate too much this past holiday weekend, or I really pushed my kidneys since Saturday… I’m not sure which. And, I broke my “enchilada boycott” by eating about 10 chile rellenos (which also have cheese). I couldn’t help it… I am a weak person when it comes to fresh chile rellenos. I took plenty of binders, so we’ll see if my phosphorous count goes up or if the binders did any good. I haven’t seen a phosphorous count since I added 3 PhosLo* caps at each meal about a month ago, even though Drugs.com recommends checking the serum calcium level bi-weekly. One of the adverse reactions is increased nausea, which I have had some of in the mid-mornings. I have been assuming it is coffee on an empty stomach, but perhaps it is the PhosLo. I will have to discuss this with Jennifer the Dietician. According to the web ref, “More severe hypercalcemia is associated with confusion, delirium, stupor and coma.”, so I hope I don’t get that! My brain is already fuzzy enough, thank you.

So, a tech whose name I don’t know cannulated me today and did an okay job. However, the machine was touchy and he couldn’t get it to stop warning him there might be air bubbles in the line. He assured me all was okay, and finally got things running smoothly.

The highlight of the session was watching the new CBS News with Katie Couric. Well, she’s no Dan Rather. She’s no Walter Cronkite either. In fact, she is just like Katie Couric and I’m afraid the CBS News is gonna be just another ‘news magazine’. But the hype worked: according to Market Watch, the show was the “highest-rated "CBS Evening News" broadcast since Feb. 23, 1998”** From my perspective, laying back in my dialysis chair, I am thinking it is watered down news aimed at an audience of people who need the news explained to them. Katie seems to want to bring the viewer into the broadcast and be the expert… a very post-modern approach that opinionizes the formerly ‘objective’ news. Well, we all know that there hasn’t been objective news for years, but to ask the public what they think takes it a bit too far, in my estimation. She is cutsie and I expect that’s what the big wigs at CBS want. They seem to be still reeling from ousting Dan and trying to look new and different. When they got rid of Dan, I started watching ABC and mostly PBS’s
Newshour with Jim Lehrer. I doubt if Katie Couric will bring me back to CBS, but I am curiously watching for a few days to see what she’s got.

Notes: In at 75.5 Kg. and out at 70.7 Kg. (156 lbs)
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