53) Computer Upgrades

September 12, 2006

El Milagro:
I was early getting here today and, as you might guess, they were 30 minutes late getting me into my chair. The staff has started their training on the computer stations that are situated between each dialysis machine so they must do their jobs while the IT people are going over using the computers with staff one at a time. With these new stations, the staff will eventually be able to data enter all the info they usually write on a piece of paper that goes into each patient’s chart. Now these pages are on clipboards on top of each dialysis machine. So, as staff are orienting to the new computers, everything else is slow as molasses.

Boris cannulated me today. He’s the guy who did me the other day, but I didn’t know his name then. He’s slick at sticking people… although he seems a bit ADD. He kept forgetting things and had to go back and forth to the center island for supplies a couple times. By the time I was cannulated and set up, I was 40 minutes late, meaning I won’t get out of here until after 8 tonight. At least this gives me time to watch all of NOVA, which is about global dimming tonight. Very interesting and scary stuff, this dimming is.

They say Thursday will be even slower, so my plan is to call at 3 and ask if they’re ready for me.

Notes: In at 75.3 Kg. and out at 71.6 Kg.

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