56) Chips & Fries, Oh No No No

September 19, 2006

El Milagro:
Canoodled by Chris today. I dozed off for a nap and when I awoke, my lab report was on my tray, with a note from Jennifer the Dietician saying we can talk about it later because she didn’t want to wake me up. Noticed my phosphorous is still high but coming down, and my potassium is creeping up again.

I must admit, since I have been on dialysis, my potassium numbers have been so good that I have allowed some French fries and potato chips into my system from time to time. At first it was just one or two off someone’s plate. But slowly it became more than one or two… until it was five or six and then maybe a small bag of potato chips. I was watching the numbers and they stayed low so I just began to forget about not eating potatoes. Well, this time my potassium number was just over the acceptable, so I have to back off the potato chips and fries again. Damn!

Notes: In at 75.5 Kg. and out at 72.5Kg.

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cheryl martin said...

I agree, Jack. Damn. Damn. Damn.
Y. Cheryl