63) The Orange Team

October 5, 2006

El Milagro:
I came in a little late, which allowed me to see all of Survivor tonight. Chuy (Rick) cannulated me and I kidded him about wearing a green neckerchief tied around his head, gang style. “Hey Chuy… you part of the Green Gang?” He explained that his green colors are in support of his mid-afternoon team. The facility has created teams of patients to compete against each other in their phosphorous numbers… whoa. Staff are the team captains and in charge of coaching their players on to victory, I guess. I’m on the orange team and got my own orange bandana which I promptly sat on and then shoved in my stuff bag at the end of my session. I’m not sure I want to play.

One of Moritz’s assistants and Ron the Nurse and Jennifer the Dietician stopped by on their rounds to see if “I need anything”. “How about a new kidney?” I thought of replying… and then didn’t because I wasn’t in the mood for verbal frolics . I reported that since my new order of Sensipar is in the mail, I’m gonna start taking 3 20’s tonight.

I napped for awhile and woke up in time for Survivor. Tonight’s show was a little more interesting… I always like to see the women come together in their winsome (yet, diabolical) ways and totally surprise the men, as they did with JP tonight. At the end JP admitted that he had no idea what hit him when he was voted off the island. I may not quit watching after all.

I got through with dialysis right at the end of the show, and forgot that this season I switch the channel to watch Gray’s Anatomy. I get very trapped into my habits and it is difficult to change… like the old dog that I am. "Asi es la vida."

Notes: In at 74.4 Kg. and out at 71.7 Kg.

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