64) Red River Blowout

October 7, 2006

Earlier Today:
I called to get in early and Monica said, “Sorry, Bub. No space in the inn til 3” But then, at about 1:45 Wilma called me and asked if I could get there by 2:15; to which I responded, “Oh yeah!”.

El Milagro: Matt stuck me today and he was in a hurry and when he gets in a hurry I get hurt... so it was a painful stick today... although he did apologize. I was too distracted to really complain about Matt.

Today was (I’m writing this afterwards) a great day at dialysis! I got to watch the whole Texas / OU game uninterrupted by people visiting and talking! Whenever I watch games with friends or relatives present, it seems to me that to them, talking is just
as important as watching. I hate that! I only like the kinds of guy comments like those that my brother-in-law, Larry, and I make while watching games. “Wow. Did you see that?” or, “Ugh. How could they have done that?”, and Larry’s occasional comments about stats or something he’s read in the Sports page.

The only somewhat annoying interruption I had for today’s game was the guy in the next chair clicking his channels from game to game, which also impacted my TV si
nce, up in the TV space up near the ceiling, my TV is directly behind his TV. So I had to sit there with my clicker at the ready to switch my TV back to ABC whenever he switched his. That type of interruption is vastly more acceptable than a discussion going on about restaurants or gossip about friends and neighbors. Sorry relatives, that’s just the way I see it.

Anyway, it was a great game in the respect that it had suspense, excitement, and unbridled joy all wrapped up in one spectacular event. UT scored first… then OU came back an
d scored several times, and then we went into half-time losing. That was the suspense part: thinking oh-my-God we could actually lose to OU and how would we handle that? By the way… I didn’t ever graduate from Texas, but I am married to a 4-graduate Texas family and I taught as an adjunct faculty there for a number of years; so I feel like it is my University now. I started supporting UT 24 years ago by going to UT Women’s Basketball games because a friend of mine did the scoring and got me in for free. Then I started watching the men’s basketball team… and finally I got excited about the football team in the last few years. Now I pee burnt orange!

Back to the game… Who knows what Mack Brown said to the boys at halftime, but they came back with a vengeance in the second half and totally shut out OU. My favorite play was when the OU quarterback flipped a little lateral pass out to the halfback and he missed it and Texas’s Ross picked it up off the ground and scrambled the ten yards or so into the end zone. Was it a forward pass? NO. Are laterals only backwards? NO. Is it a UT touchdown? YES!!! UT went on to win 28 to 10 and I am energized and jubilant and I think I should take Lizzie out to dinner tonight!

Right now I’m thinking about my favorite ex-brother-in-law and good life-long friend Tom. He graduated from Texas and now works at OU. Who did he root for in this game? Tom… if you’re reading this, I hope you cheered for your alma mater… and weren’t wearing the crimson and cream already. It’ll be okay to go crimson and cream after 30 years or so, I’d say.

Notes: In at 74.2 Kg. and out at 72.1 Kg.

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Anonymous said...

If you're peeing burnt orange you should probably drink some water. I only got to catch a bit of the game before I went out to sandy beach, but I thought of you sitting on the couch watching it, and shayna and liz getting home and distracting you. Then I laughed a little. I knew you'd enjoy that game!