67) The Monarchs are Flying South

October 21, 2006

Morning: Shayna scored twice this morning in her soccer game! The first score wasn’t counted by the ref, even though the coach, fans, and I all agreed that the ball rolled over the goal line before the goalie stopped it. Shayna played much more aggressively in the second half today. I had asked her before the game to “play 100%”, since she hasn’t scored in a number of games. At one point she ran over the goalie trying to push the ball in, and the game was stopped for a few minutes while the goalie re-adjusted herself. Shayna also made a number of great passes and assisted on at least two goals. On the second goal Shayna made, Maddie had shot at the goal and Shayna was following the shot as it was rolling slower towards the goal, and she booted it just as it was about to cross the line, making it her goal. Maddie had already scored one, so she was yelling for Shayna to kick it in, and Shayna did. We’re not even sure where the opposing goalie was that time. Right after this score, the ref blew the final whistle and the Kick Kats chalked up another check in their win column (Kick Kats 10; Angels 0). They are unbeaten this season, with only two games left.

The weather for the game was clear and cool, starting at about 65 and rising to 75 by the end. Throughout the game we noticed the Monarchs flying south… first just a few but by the end of the game there were 4 to 5 anytime we looked up for them. They flap for awhile and then glide like hawks, always moving due south toward their winter home in Mexico. By the time we left the fields they were everywhere. We reported the Monarchs to the Monarch Research site.

El Milagro: Herman came over to cannulate me today after I waited about 15 minutes, since there were four or five of us coming on (being stuck) at the same time. (I had called early today and was told that I couldn’t get in any earlier than 4 pm. Later I called back and was told 4:15). Herman said he wanted to spend some time talking to me about my complaints related to their procedural changes. Long story short: the administrator put out a friendly, folksy letter that confusingly changed everyone’s schedule and I now have to come in an hour later, meaning I’ll get home an hour later. When I told Herman I was going to complain in a letter, he replied, “Pass it around so everyone can sign it… rather than me getting 35 letters.”; to which I said, “I’m not sure everyone will agree with MY complaints.” Herman spent some time explaining the logic of changing from a ‘wave’ approach (where everyone comes on at staggered times) to the approach they are now taking (I call the ‘make everyone wait’ approach) where there are three shifts which start at three times, an hour and a half after the last shift has finished. After talking to Herman I decided to edit my ‘belligerent’ (according to Liz) letter to soften the tone and to add some suggestions about using a ‘modified wave’ approach that will meet my needs. As I explained to Herman, if I have to get home at or after 9 it is too late for a family dinner and too late to have any time with my 10 year old daughter before she’s supposed to be in bed. Herman acknowledged my wants and asked me to bring to their attention any ideas I had that might work to satisfy their needs and mine.

More from my letter as I edit it… because, it also has to do with ensuring that organizations continue to move in the direction of client-centered services and I know that is of interest to some of my readers.

Notes: In at 73.5 and out at 72.0 Kg.
Monarch Migration Map (2006) Track monarch migration to Mexio online at http://www.learner.org/jnorth/images/graphics/

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cheryl martin said...

Hey Jack - It's been awhile since I have read your blogs. Life has been a whirlwind and I have not taken the luxury of time to see what's going on with you...until now. I just read back about 5 of your blogs. Sounds like some good things are happening - go Kick Kats(especially Shayna!) - Yea cheese enchiladas; and some not so good things - tired of the "same ole same ole" and a change on your dialysis schedule. Good luck with that. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm thinking of you. Your Cheryl