71) Halloween Horror

October 31, 2006

El Milagro: What could be scarier than the idea of being in a spooky place where they suck your blood out of your body, squish it through a creepy, squeaky machine and then inject it back into your prostrate, limp body? As I lay there in the dim, orangish Halloween light, I thought these dreary thoughts as Diana stuck those huge hollow needles into my bulbous vein. The blood squirted out the sides of the puncture hole and she cackled fiendishly as she wiped up the spill. I noticed her rubberized hands all white and ghostly and smeared with my blood, still oozing out along the wound. The vein was throbbing, causing the needle to jump furiously until she tapped it down tightly to secure the tubes. The red tubes move and sway as if they are alive and the blood pulses through them on its’ morbid journey.

I watch with a curious despondency and then pass out… drifting into a fitful sleep while my blood flows through the cleansing machine.

Scary, huh?

Notes: In at 75.9 and out at 72.0 Kg.
Scary Picture: I finally got the picture of my "infiltrated" arm on the blog... see it by clicking on April, Post # 4.

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