72) Katie, Steak, and UT Football

November 4, 2006

El Milagro: Carol stuck me today and I waited around anxiously for the UT - OSU game to start at 6... and then watched almost all of it. UT looked great throughout the game. The dialysis center wasn't full when I arrived today. Jo was supervising and had worked people through efficiently. By the time I came in at 4, there were a number of empty chairs and by the time I left at about 8:30, I was one of the last ones out.

Later: After dialysis I picked my eldest daughter, Katie, up and took her to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a steak. We sat right beside a large screen TV and saw the end of the game while eating. Since Liz & Shayna are in Houston visiting NASA overnight, it was a good time to spend some time with KT. She caught me up on her activities and school and we had a good visit.

Notes: In at 73.8 and out at 72.1 Kg.
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