78) Of Basketball and the First Holiday Party

December 2, 2006

Early Afternoon:
Matt the pierced tech called about 1 to ask if I could come in early, which was excellent, since we have Steve’s annual X-mas party to go to tonight.

El Milagro: Matt stuck me quickly and efficiently and I settled back to watch the new UT basketball team (4 freshmen and one sophomore) loose to Gonzaga by 10 points. It was okay even though we lost because it was exciting to just see the new team play… they are gonna be enjoyable to watch and they will improve over the season. They need to work on their defense but they have some shooters that are incredible (like Abrams and they have possibly the best forward in college right now in Kevin Durant, who scored 29 points. So, that’s my Longhorn Basketball Report for today!

And oh yeah…. BASKETBALL season is HERE! My favorite TV watching season of all.

Later: All the usual suspects were at Steve’s X-mas party this year (You know who you are). I didn’t get outdoors quick enough to avoid cat dander attacking me, but we still had a good time. Every year at this gathering, I get my food and drink and immediatly head out to the back patio, since these guys have about 10 cats or maybe less but my allergies tell me its at least 10. As usual, the food was great (turkey, brisket, meatballs, etc.); the visits with friends from LifeWorks were lively, and the back yard fire pit and outdoor TV watching (Oklahoma vs. Nebraska) was entertaining. An added delight was running into Ben from our Kerrville Kitchen Krew, who knows Steve from some local pub hangout.

Shayna won $20 in the annual kids’ contest, which wasn’t a counting contest this year, but holiday-related worksheets including a word-find game, brought on by a visiting teacher. The kids were somewhat disappointed about the school-like activities, but happy to win money. Later Shayna and Maya went around the house counting cats in the decorations in the lavishly-decorated house. Later they roasted marshmallows and made s'mores out by the fire. A great time was had by all... thanks Steve & Marylou!

That's it for now.

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