81) Exit the Puppy

December 12, 2006

El Milagro:
Matt cannulated me today and I sat there for my four hours being really bored. Matt was telling me all about how he has never infiltrated anyone and just basically very yacky. Later I heard him tell another patient that he is ADD and off his meds. Aha!

I had forgotten a book I was going to read and there is really not much on TV on Tuesdays, aside from the news. I thought about Wildhairs Chelsea and how much additional work is involved in having a new puppy invading the house.

I was somewhat fidgety tonight… which hasn’t happened in awhile. I think maybe I’m fidgety because there is still so much to do to prepare for having everyone over for the family Chanukah celebration next Saturday. I still have shopping to do, wrapping, getting our holiday picture session set up, taken and put in cards, etc. etc.

Later: When I got home Liz reported that the puppy has discovered how to open the crate door and escape: she was running around the house like a crazy dog when Liz and Shayna got home. Evidently she hasn't been out long, since the house is still intact. At first we thought that someone left the crate open, but upon inspection, I could tell that it is really pretty easy to knock the latch in a way that allows it to slide to the open position. You would think that some engineer in the design department woulda been able to visualize puppies opening the crate… I didn’t inspect it when we got it because I just assumed… So, we got a clip from the garage and now the door can be secured so that little terrier stays safe while we're gone!

Notes: In at 74.3 and out at 72.1 Kgs.

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cheryl martin said...

Hi Jack - Just saying hello so that you know I checked in on you. There is so much to do at this time of year that everyone is fidgety - If you don't believe me, just check all the impatient drivers (including me!). I stopped to help an elderly friend of mine (with fairly severe parkinsons)involved in a fender bender this evening (just happened upon the incident by accident - no pun intended) The people she hit thought she had been drinking because of the way she moves around and while I was trying to soothe her (and them), get her insurance info., etc. a guy drove by and yelled at us to get our "damn" cars out of the way. I swear he was held up maybe a total of two minutes. My reaction? I could have punched him. Real holiday spirit, huh? Take care. Hope to see you at Michele's soon. Cheryl