80) Enter the Puppy

December 9, 2006

Before going for dialysis at 1 pm (today we are all officially early so the staff can have their annual Holiday Party tonight), I drove down to Lockhart to pick up Shayna’s big Hanukkah present, a little cairn terrier puppy. The plan was to pick up the puppy, drive to Kim’s house and drop off the puppy, go to the pet store for all the puppy supplies, take the puppy supplies back to Kim’s, and then leave the puppy there unti
l next Saturday.

But, on the way back to Austin, with the puppy laying in my lap, I decided we should bring her home today, so I took the puppy to Kim’s, went to get Katie (as my co-conspirator and gift giver), went to the pet store for the puppy supplies, got the puppy from Kim, and went home.

Well, of course, Katie had to go to get ready for work at 1 and I had to be at El Milagro at 1 so there we were waiting for Liz and Shayna to get home from services…. and waiting for them some more… and trying to call
them to see what time they’d be home… and then waiting for them some more. They finally got there at about 12:30 so we had a few minutes to celebrate and watch Shayna’s surprise before getting on with the day’s business.

Shayna was surprised!

El Milagro: I got in a few minutes late and found out Matt had tried to call me in at 11 or so. Got hooked up and watched MSU beat BYU 76-61. My dad is happy and I thought of him watching while I was watching. My BP was low again at the end of dialysis (95/52) so I had to wait awhile before leaving. I’m gonna have to check with Moritz about changing my BP meds: I came in today with a BP of 105/70, without taking any meds today. Makes me wonder if I still need them.

Later: Shayna went out to a birthday sleep-over and Liz and I had tickets for Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison at the Paramount so we put the puppy in her crate and hoped for the best. When we got home at midnight, she was fine and happy to see us.

Notes: In at 74.2 and out at 72.4 Kgs.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get home and play with the puppy! You forgot to mention it's name in the post though, and who got to name her?


Jack Nowicki said...

I can't wait for you to come home and clean up your room (just kidding). Shayna decided to keep Chelsea's name that the breeder was calling her. I added "Wildhairs" after her dad, Wildhairs Zeus. When you see her you'll get it about the wild hairs. DAD