115) Equinox

March 20, 2007

El Milagro:
I get to the center just about on time and have to sit for 10 minutes before Carol can come stick me. I am reading two papers Barry Duncan* sent me today and reminding myself how clearly I think he writes. In one he has a picture of a dolphin hanging mid-air after a mighty jump… and right there beside it is a cow floating there as if to suggest that the cow and the dolphin are jumping in synch. He notes that “…a swimming contest between a cow and a dolphin is not really a fair comparison.”** This is such an obvious conclusion that I chuckle that he adds a picture to make the whole thing quite clear.

So I finish reading the papers, chat with Jennifer the Dietician, and watch the news. Jennifer reports on my annual lab work and the results for several of my chemical time bombs are quite good, as follows:

Albumen 4.0 (Goal is 4.0 or higher)
nPCR HD UKM 1.17 (Goal is 1.0 or higher) ---> represents protein intake
HCT CALC 42.6 (Goal is 33 or higher) ---> red blood cell count
Iron Saturation 28 (Goal is 20-50%) ---> iron
Feritin 170 (Goal is 100-800) ---> stored iron
CALC corrected 8.6 (Goal is8.4-9.4) ---> calcium
Phosphorous 5.3 (Goal is 3.5-5.5) ---> GOOD for once: this was the last time bomb that we took care of with the $900 (if I had no insurance) horse pills
CAxPhos Corrected 45.6 (Goal <> again, this is good. PTH Intact 226 (Goal 150-300) ß parathyroid hormone is good!
Potassium 6.0 (Goal 3.5-5.5) ---> Still a time bomb and Jennifer and I talk about coffee, and other things that may lower it. I’m depressed when I read on the report, “This is VERY DANGEROUS. Muscle weakness and heart failure leading to DEATH may occur.”, and that seems quite bothersome to me. My mood drops.

I guess I’ll be backing off the coffee… is that an excuse for sleeping through the morning? Throughout the rest of the session I am in a funk. Damn. I hate being reminded I am sick!

Notes: In at 76.6 and out at 73.0 Kgs.
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*See The Talking Cure online at http://www.talkingcure.com/
** From Duncan, B., & Miller, S., (2006) Treatment manuals do not improve outcome. In Norcross, J., Levant., R., & Beutler, L. (Eds) Evidence based practices in mental health. Washington, D.C.: APA Press.

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Anonymous said...

xHey Jack
I finally am able to reach you. Enjoyed reading your blog and history. I never realized what an accompolished writer you are and what a horrible speller I am. I too am disturbed by that high K. I continue to work for hospice (Vitas)the work can be depressing at times but over all I think its the most satisfying job that I have experiencd in nursing. I want you to know that you have been and will always continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Since I am a hunt and peck typist and not much of a writer I will say adios for now...I will check back soon to follow your blog...the best to you brother. I hope that you get this, I am still not savy on how this all works. Jay,jhinton@satx.rr.com