116) March Madness Continues

March 24, 2007

Busyness at work has kept me from posting about last Thursday, but I can tell you it was all about March Madness, watching basketball at the center and having the normal “How ya doin?” conversation with the Lt. Fuzz doctor and Ron the Nurse. Jennifer the Dietician was straggling on behind with a mischievous little smile that I hallucinated had a meaning that was known only to her. I was happy to watch A&M get beat by Memphis and it was an exciting game down to the finish. I’ve picked Memphis to play Florida for the national championship so it was good they won against A&M, although it is always good to see A&M lose at anything… those damn Aggies.

Today we challenge other Kerrville Folk Festival* Volunteer Staff to pledge $100 to KUT’s spring pledge drive and Dave Oberman** announces that challenge at 10:55 am for all to hear over the radio waves, calling us “…long time supporters of KUT and Folkways”, making me feel like a team player.

So, in case you’re wondering what a dialysis patient does on a Saturday, before going to have their blood cleansed, today we have spring raking the back yard, a soccer game, cleaning house, and doing laundry on our agenda. Lizzie is off in Marble Falls running a foster parent training so it’s up to me and Shayna to do the chores.

El Milagro: Carol cannulated me and today’s weirdness was about my blood pressure. When she first took it, with me standing, it was 84 over 50 something! I should be laid out flat with that kind of BP. I told Carol, “Nah. That machine is broken cause my BP is never that low.” She took it again and it was like 93 over something, so I sat down and she took it and it was still real low. She commented that it is okay to be low and we went on with the session. Throughout the session the machine automatically checks your BP ever 20 minutes or so. The highest mine registers today is 117 / 76 and by the end of the session, when it is usually at it’s lowest, it is 111 over 65. Usually when it is that low at the end I have some cramping and dizziness but not today. Today I feel just hunky-dory*** and can’t find any internal signs or symptoms of low BP, so it is just WEIRD.

Good thing the BP is low since my first team in the Elite Eight is losing: I picked and want Memphis to topple the Ohio State boys and although Memphis gives them a run for the money, Ohio State pulls it out and wins. Oh well. Then, on comes UCLA and Kansas (our last Big 12 hope) and it is an okay game, although Kansas played worse than I’ve seen them play all year. They aren’t making their shots and although they are tough defenders, the Bruins have Collison, who is playing like a pro today. As Matt is pulling my needles out and patching me up, I watching the score go back and forth and thinking that Kansas still can pull this one out. I rush home to catch the end of the game.

Later: So, Kansas loses and my picks for the final four are slashed by 50%. Yuck!

But, the Kick Kats won their first game of the season so that's GREAT! Shayna's soccer team was so good last season the league put them in against the next older group this season and they hadn't won a game yet (4 down) until today, when they pulled a 4 to 3 upset! La-dee-da.

Notes: In at 73.4 and out at 72.5 Kgs.
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