120) Consumed with Thought

April 3, 2007

El Milagro:
Today I get cannulated by Diane as Nicholas the Doc, Jennifer the Dietician, and Jo the Nurse are doing a quick rounds. I report to the Doc about my low BP recently and he asks a few questions and suggests I stay at my current dose of BP meds. Jennifer asks if I have been checking my BP at home and work and I excuse myself by saying I can’t find my BP monitor. I really must get to doing that.

It’s a pretty nothing session today. I listen to All Things Considered, watch the News, and through it all I am consumed with thinking about my request for colleagues to respond to the last post on purchasing kidneys. I think that paying for kidneys is a creative and interesting idea and know that my own need for a kidney probably muddies my objective thoughts about the ethics of such a policy. I hope my friends respond with their thoughts. My intent with this little project is to get a broad range of beliefs and thoughts on this issue and post them; partly to inform my own thoughts, and partly to add a considered set of ideas to the blogosphere.

Finally I drift off to sleep for a good portion of tonight’s session. So it goes.

Notes: In at 75.6 and out at 72.9 Kgs. Standing BP at the end was 108 / 65.
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cheryl martin said...

Hi Jack - Happy Anniversary to you and Liz? Is it #11? My, how time flies! About selling kidneys - well, I will have to think about that one for awhile. My quick answer is to say, "why not?", but my other response is to say, "well, because..." Since I rarely see anything in black and white I will have to explore my shades of gray - and let you know later. Your cheryl