121) Yao Man Chan

April 5, 2007

El Milagro:
Today Diane checks my BP before sticking me and its 110 / 48! That is really weirdly low! It seems weird to the machine too, as it beeps and flashes a RED warning that the BP is too low. I sit down and the sitting BP goes up to 116 / 60 something. The techs ask me if I feel dizzy or faint and I don’t, so they “know nothing” (Like Sgt. Schultz** in Hogan’s Heroes) and just shrug their shoulders. So, what a way to start a session. Inside my head there are nameless worries running around screaming like unruly kids. Of course, these worries could be good for raising my BP. According to Medline Plus*, low BP is 90 / 60, so I guess that mine isn’t so bad after all.

I try to chill out by listening to All Things Considered and then snooze thru the News. I do wake up for Survivor, although it just doesn’t attract me like it used to. I am only fascinated by one character; Yao Man Chan***, a computer engineer from California. This 54 year old has a young heart, sharp intellect, and is able to think things through well and find creative solutions to get the job done. In tonight’s somewhat physical activity of using Fijian blowguns, spears, and bow and arrows to shoot at targets most of the participants just picked up the tools and used them without any forethought or consideration what-so-ever. Yao Man picked each implement up, studied it carefully, thought about the instrument and his physical stature and strength, and then used his analysis to combine tool and tact and he actually hit each target. With the arrows, he went through the pile and selected one that was the straightest. To me its neat to see this older guy outthink the young lugs in the pack of survivor wanna-be’s. Unlike earlier series where there have been several people to watch and cheer on, this one only has one person worth watching, from my humble perspective. So this is what I write about today… which suggests there ain’t much of interest going on here in dialy-land. Such is Life in Life-Alysis.

Later: Now when you click on the article on selling kidneys (see last post), there is a link to an article against that practice. The link is as follows:
Jha, V. & Chugh, K. S. (2006) The case against a regulated system of living kidney sales. Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology (2)9, 466-467, retrieved online April 2007 from

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Notes: In at 74.6 and out at 72.8 Kgs. Standing BP at the end was 132 / 69.
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