122) Low BP Saturday

April 7, 2007

El Milagro:
I had called earlier and talked to Phyllis the Nurse and arranged to come in at 1 pm. So, I arrive at 1:05 pm and they stop me at the door with "Hold on... we're not ready... they're just now pulling the needles on the person in your chair... it'll be a few minutes." So I turn around and retreat to the waiting room and sit and begin to watch Madagascar which is fairly watchable. There I sit for 45 minutes watching and waiting.

Finally get called in at almost 2 and get hooked up. My beginning BP is 108 over 59 and I'm feeling fine. I finish watching the movie and then flip over to the Master's to watch Tiger and company. Tiger isn't playing so hot, but always great to watch. By the time I'm done, I'm ready to get outa there cause with the 45 minute wait, my session is extended to 6 and a half hours.... way too long to spend in dialysis.

Afterwards we went out to eat with the relations at Romeo's and that was nice.

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Notes: In at 75.2 and out at 72.7 Kgs. Standing BP at the end was 102 / 57.

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