123) Of Tylenol & Cuttlefish

April 10, 2007

El Milagro:
Today Matt cannulates me. Dr. Venkatesh comes by with the crew doing rounds and answers my question about taking Tylenol for arthritis in my hand. She says it’s okay. I’m guessing now that old Moritz has given up doing the rounds, maybe because he got a bad rap on City Search: “…Dr. Moritz('s) ...bedside manner was appalling. He was often grumpy, humorless and seemed distracted -- as if he would rather be somewhere else. When I expressed concern about discomfort during a procedure, he actually scoffed at me, telling me "I did this procedure on a 28-year-old woman yesterday and SHE didn't need any pain medication."” Now ya can just see Moritz in this conversation and it does sound just like him. But, he thinks he's being cute and charming when he does that stuff. What a doc.

I napped until the News and then watched NOVA. Tonight was a fascinating segment about the mysterious cuttlefish* and their visual tricks. According to the narrator, this sea animal may be the closest thing to what we might find on an alien world. Wow: an alien-type thingy right in our back ocean! I am always amazed at the ways different species have evolved to exist and even flourish in this world, and believe me, the cuttlefish takes the cake. This fish (actually it’s a cephalopod) would be happy on the streets of Las Vegas… if Las Vegas streets were water… and if, under the water, the neon lights still worked. Cuttlefish actually look like a moving neon sign with flashing stripes kinda like the syncopated light bulbs that make arrows pointing at motels. Or, like zebras with stripes moving from their heads on back over their bodies and off their tails. These fish hypnotize crabs and zap them with their tongue-like tentacles.... very cool.

And, so it goes on a Tuesday night at the dialysis center.

Notes: In at 75.5 and out at 72.8 Kgs. Standing BP at the end was 116 / 66.
* Kings of Camouflage. Retrieved online April ’07 from the NOVA website, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/camo/change.html#ch03
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