129) Short Post (or, the Phosphorous Blues)

May 3, 2007

El Milagro:
I arrive on time today, get poked by Jason the Regular Guy Tech, and have a nice session of listening to NPR and watching TV. Jason is fairly new around here, and very careful and considerate in his cannulations. It is good, because I hallucinate he is learning and is motivated to build rapport with patients and do a pain-free job on them as much as is possible. He and I have begun to talk some when he is assigned to my chair.

I notice by reviewing these posts, that exactly one year ago today I posted (#6) about talking to Jennifer the Dietician and beginning to learn about the phosphorous blues (all the foods that I shouldn’t eat, how high phosphorous impacts the body, etc.). It seems that those blues have been playing in my life most of the past year and maybe I have now adjusted my diet sufficiently, found the right binders, and had my machine time adjusted enough to move beyond these blues. If I hadn't escaped them, I coulda been the old dialysis blues man, singing and playing the phosphorous blues.

Oh I can’t eat no pancakes, nor enchiladas eitha,
cause if mah phos gets too high I get the phosphorous feva.
Its been years since ah seena,

mah avocada and sardina….
and ahm singin da blues. Dose phosphorous blues.”

Well, I guess you can tell I’m no singer songwriter, but I do respect those guys (and gals). If any of you songwriters happen along here on this blog, please feel free to write me a song about my phosphorous blues.

Actually, my phosphorous is a lot better these days; I’m just waxing romantic. Its almost as if it's too scary to be funny about when it's on top of you so meanly. Such is our lot in life, I guess.

Notes: In at 74.6 and out at 73.3 (ending BP = 126/60) And Again: Now readers can google my blog by typing Jack’s Kidney Adventure in quotes on google and it’ll take ya right there.

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