130) Dr. Moritz Ducks Out

May 10, 2007

El Milagro:
It seemed like it was gonna be a normal dialysis day, which I’m not writing about so much anymore, cause some readers complained that my “normal” dialysis is boring. YES! It is boring lots of time; and that’s the point you all!

At any rate, today I come in and I’m a bit late (30 minutes) and Carol the Tech informs me that I’m not gonna get my full dialysis cause they hafta take me off at 8:30 pm. So, tonight I’ll only get 3.5 hours of blood cleansing…. Damn. And I’m the one who can’t understand other people “coming off early” or not running their full session… and, here I am doing it too. I must work on getting here on time. I used to make it on time every time. I’ve slipped up; probably because it has become such a normal part of living that I take advantage of it… or, something like that.

Well, at some point, Jennifer the Dietician steps over from the long meeting she has been doing with one of the new patients who is sitting right next to me today. She says my blood count is up again and supposes that the added Heparin is helping and nod acceptance of that fact. At some point during our little conversation I think I say something about Dr. Moritz and she replies something like, “Well, he’s not your doctor anymore, now it’s ___”, “the new doc” that I’ve called Nicholas and Lt. Fuzz at times. My reply is “WHAT? I don’t think so. Moritz is my doc!”, to which she replies, more cautiously, “No. Crowder (or whatever his name is) is now your doctor, because he is doing the rounds and signing things.”. I say, “Well my insurance shows its Moritz and I just had to get a new permission for him to keep seeing me.” And we went on like that for a few minutes with me unbelieving and her for sure.

I don’t want a new nephrologists! I’m happy with the grumpy Dr. Moritz! So, now I have to figure out what to do about this situation. I can always make an office appt. to see him, but then it’ll cost me $35 bucks to argue with him about staying as my doctor. I’ll have to be thinking this one over for awhile. So, as Roseanne Roseannadanna always said, “It’s always something.”

Notes: In at 74.9 and out at 72.7 Kgs. In 3.5 hours.
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