131) Trying for Luxury

May 12, 2007

El Milagro: I'm on time and I saunter into the dialysis clinic as if it is a spa and I'm gonna sit and relax and get my blood done. Matt hooks me up and everyone seems to be in a cheery mood, like the spa workers would be. Actually, it would be neat if they had people her to do your nails... well, I mean it would be nice for the women, of course. As Matt is canoodling me, there is the new woman next to me again and today she has two of her friends over here, seeing what kind of torture she is going through (at our spa). One of them goes on with Kim the Nurse about being from Arkansas (Little Rock) and came over just as soon as she could, and she had no idea Mildred was in such a state. Matt interupts her to say he's from Memphis, and I remind him Memphis isn't in Arkansas, and he replies that East Memphis is in that state.

I settle back with my radio tuned into the rest of Folkways and read the new New Yorker. I pretend we're at the spa and this is all luxurious treatment. In our spa Crystal is the Toe Girl, Matt and Heather are these Swedish massage people that climb up on your back and beat your muscles into a relaxed state. Kim and Celeste are the Asian accupunturists that go around with prayer hands, nodding their heads in agreement with everything you say. "Ah yes. We have much pleasure to fix you." as they stick skinny needles in your eyebrows and earlobes. I guess Gladys wold have to be the Chinese Doctor and Phyllis would for sure be the manager of the place, running around enuring everything is going just so.

I read on and listen to Live Set after Folkways and hear a great little band from New York: the Slackers. Off and on through the afternoon I think about Moritz dumping me and decide that it's unprofessional to not clearly tell your patient your're transferring them, especially after 10 years of the doctor / patient relationship. I am sure Moritz doesn't think of it this way... in fact he may not of thought of it at all. And, I may be hallucinating this whole thing, cause Jennifer the Dietician may have been wrong. Time will tell. More on this story as it develops.

Notes: In at 73.9 and out at 72 even. BP running in the normal range.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, this is Alex. Luis's son. From reading bits and pieces from your page I can tell writing is really your forte. I give you recognition on being so consistant with your blog and hope to keep in touch with you. Besides work, children, and traveling. It seems that your health is also something that takes your time. So Ill keep my questions to a minimum. Ok well so long and hope everything goes well.