159) Another Tuesday

Sept. 4, 2007

El Milagro:
Got here on time today and am getting hooked up by Gladys the Tech, who is friendly and competent and has long thin fingers with scrubbed red knuckles. She efficiently pokes and attaches me and is off to hook up the next person.

Today I weighed in at 76.7 and I wonder if that’s the highest I’ve ever weighed in at… the result of stuffing myself with wicked chiles over the weekend at our annual chile fest. I doubled up on binders and tried to keep a somewhat kidney-friendly diet while enjoying the feast.

Today I’m concentrating on finishing reviewing an article on teaching social and emotional competence for the journal I review for… and I know already I’m not going to approve the article so it’s a little boring finishing reading it. Whenever I realize an article doesn’t really cut the mustard for publication, I am no longer interested in reviewing it… even though I know that the authors get something from our comments on how they can improve the work. So, I put it down and shift my chair into “doze” and lay back listening to All Things Considered.

Before I know it its 8 o’clock and Gladys is back to unhook me and send me home.

Notes: In at 76.7 and out at 72.6 kgs.
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