160: The Blogger

<-- This is the way it feels to me many times as I begin to write in my blog. Do I write 'in' my blog or 'on' my blog; that is the question. Does my writing a blog mean I exist in a broader universe than that of my dialysis center or my breakfast nook? If my blog is published does anyone hear it? What is the sound of one blog clapping? I think sometimes that I do this just for digital exercise and to see how fast I can type. And, I do like reading what I say... even though it is "nothing" of consequence to most people. Ah yes; these existential meanderings add purpose to an otherwise boring existence in a meaningless world. <-- I don't really think that... just sounds cool to say it. And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
I just wanted to let you know that I read the updates on your blog and I'm sure many others do too! You helped me to see that you can live a good life, albeit different, while on dialysis. Both my husband and my daughter were both diagnosed recently with PKD. This is all really new to us as we never even heard of PKD before this past February, so it helps to know that there are others out there (like you!) who are living a good life in spite of this disease. Keep blogging!!!! and have a Good Shabbos!

Jack Nowicki said...

THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK. It warms my heart to hear that someone is getting something from this ongoing blog. PKD is a way of living for those of us who discover we have this condition... and we all must find ways to make the best of it. Good fortunes to you all in finding ways to live with it. JN