169) Back Home Again

September 22, 2007

El Milagro: I get here on time* and they’ve given me my favorite chair in the corner. I have a warm feeling as I walk in nod “hello” to friendly faces and feel right at home here. Phyllis the Nurse comes up to check me and we talk about my DC trip as Carol the Tech cannulates me. I settle right in to watching college football on TV and am happy to be here.

OSU is playing against Texas Tech and I like OSU (they're cowboys) even though I went to Tech for a year way back in 1969, when dialysis was just beginning. So, what an exciting game! Both teams are scoring powerhouses and the lead goes back and forth until it’s 35 to 35. With only about two minutes left, OSU scored, making it 49 to 45 and even though Tech has a minute and 37 seconds left to take the lead, they can’t get it together to take the win (Sorry Michael). For football fans this is heaven: watching teams score 94 points, combine for 1,328 yards and 62 1st downs!

I switch channels and catch some of the first quarter of the UT game with Rice. It is already 7 ~ zip and I know its gonna be a blowout so rather than hang around dialysis for the whole game, I decide to go home. Amanda the Tech de-cannulates and tapes me and I give her positive verbal feedback to assure her she is learning well (as a new tech). As I drive home I am happy to be back in Austin… driving onward through the fog.

Notes: In at 74.6 and out at 72.4 kgs.
* "On time", after returning from Kol Halev services this morning. I missed most of the Yom Kippur prayers but got there just in time for Rabbi Baker's talk about materialism and our having so much 'stuff' and yet we don't come up with money to support causes we believe in. He told the story of a washer woman who never made much money but donated $100 K to a university in southern Mississippi and didn't want to have her name attached to the gift. It's all about being of service without doing it for need for recognition. That is the highest form of menschness.
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