170) Shayna is Eleven Today!

September 25, 2007

El Milagro: Today I’m in the other corner. Gladys the Tech cannulates me. My BP is 151/81 and that is way too high! I immediately start to wonder-worry about that. Is it connected to something unsettling I see on TV? Am I totally stressed out? Am I about to blow a fuse? Doesn't seem so... but I do seem to be a little discombobulated today… I don’t have my book with me cause I left it in my overnight bag from a trip to Laredo. I don’t have my little radio because the batteries needed changing so I took it in the house…

By this time Gladys is finished and I say thanks and flip the channels. I don’t usually watch TV this early in my session… stop at a show about getting the most out of your small apartment space. I half watch, still thinking why my BP is so high. Next time the arm band puffs up it's down to 139/79, but I still don’t like it. I can’t stand this home TV channel, so I lay back and doze until the network news. Then I snooze until 7 and watch Ken Burns’ The War on PBS*.

While I’m here detoxifying and watching WAR, Liz and Shayna are out to dinner with Jen and David and one of Shayna’s friends at this new Italian place that Shayna has wanted to go for ages. We haven’t gone there yet because of my diet and the pain it would cause me to pass up lasagna or even any pasta with tomato sauce. I don’t think about them… I just suck my Jolly Ranchers and get sucked into Burns’ historic film… wonder if my dad is watching these episodes. All of a sudden it is time to get unhooked and shoot home. Gladys decannulates me and as I’m holding my gauze over my poke holes, I watch her busy herself around the place, cleaning up and getting everything ready for tomorrows early shift. Gladys is a really good worker and I think how I would like to have staff just like her if I had a business. My BP is back down to a fair number, although I am still worried about it.

Later @ Home: Shayna is all excited to open her presents since she had to wait for me by instruction of her mother. She dances through the celebration and is off to explore her gifts. After that excitement, I eat some leftovers and take my binders and my night meds.

When getting my night meds out, all of a sudden I understand my high BP. I didn’t take my meds this morning! So there you have it! Not taking BP meds in the morning has that kind of result by late afternoon. As always, I say to myself, “I must redouble my efforts and remembering my meds!” So it goes.

Notes: In at 75.6 and out at 72.2 kgs.
* Burns, Ken (2007) The War: A Ken Burns Film. Retrieved September 2007 from PBS online, http://www.pbs.org/thewar/
** It's also Mark Rothko's birthday today!
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