176) College Football & Dialysis

October 13, 2007

Shayna's soccer team won against the Tigers this morning; Shayna played well on offense and defense and they won 4 to zip. The refs seemed a lot more careful and fair this week after Coach Charlie's letter to SAYSA about the poor quality of reffing last weekend. The head of the refs came by and gave some pointers to the flagger right in front of our parents, showing his concern I hallucinate.

From Futbol to Football: I check my TV and find out UT isn't playing on any channel I have so I call El Milagro and talk to Gabe the Tech who checks and reports I
can come in at 1 p.m. So, I'll catch the last half of the game. If we don't win this one against ISU, we have no business being a football team.

El Milagro: I arrive and immediately look around to find the Spanish version of the newsletter. They printed it directly from the PDF so it looks way better than the English one. I weigh in and go find my chair. Rosie the Tech cannulates me and Jo the Nurse listens to my heart. My BP is a bit low.

It is right at half time in the UT / ISU game and finally we are ahead like we should be in a game; 21 to 3. I watch the rest of the game happily and it ends up with UT smearing ISU and I feel almost delirious. This is an example of external events impacting internal sensations. There is an external event (behavior) that is evaluated positively by our thoughts (internal computation), which influences our feelings (internal states), according to NLP. This structural schema is what makes NLP a "behavioral" approach, BTW.

After the UT success I watch the Texas
Tech / Texas A&M game and witness Tech bring A&M to their knees by 28 points. My brother, Michael, is dancing in glee I'm sure.

So, today is football watching day at the dialysis center. It is pretty quiet and uneventful here and I notice lots of TVs are tuned to various football games during my stay. If it weren't for the intermittent beeps of the machines we could all be cozy at home on our couches watching our games. Actually, Saturday sports can just as well be watched here as at home, and for those of us who don't have the multi-option cable service, here is even better. For those of us who actually focus on our TV
watching, sitting here with earphones clamped to our heads in our own little zone is vastly better than watching a game with children running about yelling and relatives stopping by to visit and converse across the space between the TV and the viewer (not that that ever happens to me). The only thing lacking for a perfect world around here is the beer and potato chips... which really don't mix with dialysis.

After the Tech game, I wrap up my session with a lowish BP (105 over 65), weigh out, and jump in my truck to drive west towards my house. The sun is lowering into the horizon and I have to lower my sun visor as I drive directly into the sun. Even though I am tired, I notice that the weather is beautiful today and I am still feeling jubilant. At home I pull into my driveway, exit the truck, and turn off the water I left dribbling into my cactus garden. As usual, after dialysis, I am tired and spent... I take my BP and it is now 99 / 65 and I turn on KUT and rest on my own couch until Liz gets home. What a Saturday!

Notes: In at 74.3 Kgs and out at 72.3 Kgs.

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cheryl martin said...

Soooo, I take it that you are really happy that UT should still play as a football team!!! GO UT!

your cheryl

p.s. I felt very moved by your blog about Ms. S. who died so suddenly at the dialysis center. One more example of how you just never know.......