216) Saturday Combo Session

February 9, 2008

This morning is the Kick Kats’ first game of the winter season… beau
tiful weather at the Circle C fields, and the Kick Kats come out fired up and looking for their first Win! Shayna is playing midfield today. The girls look great for their first game, and finish 2 to 1 against the Dynamites, coached by Shayna’s old basketball coach. Kick Kats scored first, about half way through the first half. Then the Dynamites scored just after half time. Then, with about 5 minutes left, we scored the final score and played great defense until the end of the game.

El Milagro:
I arrive at El Milagro ten minutes late… I’d set a 2 pm time with Debbie the Tech on the ph
one at 1 o’clock. Rosie the Tech wonders what took me so long to get here, but she thought I was coming in right after I called. I clarify that I had worked out a 2 o’clock time with Debbie. Rita the new Nurse of small stature does my nursing evaluation, sets up my machine, and cannulates me today. I pay close attention since she has never worked with me before. My bath is correct… it is my dialyzer… and, she does a good job of sticking me. She asks about the cannla placement… “One up, one down” I reply… and she is a smooth and steady needler… slips them in with the finesse of Herman the Nurse or Rosie the Tech (Don’t worry Herman; you’re still the best). [Small stature? Well, I hardly know her well enough to call her short.]

I turn on the TV to find UT’s game against the Iowa Cyclones and stumble upon the TV Guide Network
’s show about the new Fans vs. Favorites Survivor. Of course I stop and watch for a bit as Jeff the Host comments on the cast of favorites and then introduces the woman who produces and tests the challenges with a team of 20 young people (now here's a job for Johnny) who construct and test them all before the cast even sees them (she is the Dream Team Coordinator). She reports that there will be new challenges in this go-round so that the Favorites don’t have a leg up on the Fans.

I switch over to the game and think there is something wrong with the color on my TV before they announce, “don’t adjust your TV. It is Pink/Pink weekend here and most of the audience is wearing pink.” All this pink makes a pinkishly magenta reflection on the wood floor and when the camera pans the stands, there is pink everywhere, like pepto-bismol sprayed over everything. The pink is for breast
cancer awareness, and as I tune in UT is down by 2. I can’t post and watch, so, so long for now....

Before 5 pm we have won against the Cyclones in overtime. Even though the
game went into overtime, it didn’t scare me cause I couldn’t even imagine losing to Iowa. I switch over to a movie channel and watch the last half of Urban Cowboy. Boy it has been a long time since I saw this movie, featuring music by Charlie Daniels’ Band and a great rendition of “Devil Went Down to Georgia”, later captured live on the album “Charlie Daniels LIVE”.

So today is good Saturday combo: Basketball, Music, and Kick Kats’ Soccer. What mor
e could we be living for? Well, for one thing, FRENCH FRIES SMOTHERED WITH TOMATO SAUCE, SHRIMP, AVOCADO, CHEESE, FRIJOLES AND ENCHILADAS! Oh well, fantasy foods will have to remain in the ether until the transplant is complete.

Signing off with “Vaya con dios, my darling”.

In at 77.6 and out at 74.4 Kgs.

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