215) LOST Survivors In Micronesia

February 7, 2008

El Milagro:
I’m here 30 minutes late today… called earlier and no one answered the phone so I figured they were behind again. I weigh in and find my chair and prepare for the session, taking my blanket, pillow, radio, earphones, and bag of candy out. Carrie the Tech comes over and sets the machine up and I check my dialyzer and the baths. She cannulates me, telling me that she can’t smell anything because of her allergies. I nod an acknowledgement and remember that she makes conversation by telling you what’s wrong with her.

I settle in with NPR’s ATC and then switch over to ABC News and then Jim Lehrer. Tonight is a special TV night: the New Survivor and a new episode of LOST! WOW!

The new Survivor is featuring a selection of the show’s fans on one tribe versus various survivors from recent years… including a number of my favorites like James, Yao Man, Parvati, and Cirie. So, the idea this time is to take a group of folks who’ve studied the show from the comfort of their couches and put them up against a group of past survivor contestants who didn’t win, but were “favorites”. From the show’s website*:

“In a SURVIVOR first, 10 ultra-fans of the series will take on 10 former castaways to compete as FANS vs. FAVORITES. The two tribes will be marooned amidst the Rock Islands of Palau, Micronesia. The skills of the former castaways will be put to the test while the tribe of first-time competitors will see if their enthusiasm and passion for the game is enough to distinguish them as worthy competitors. Who will prevail to become Sole Survivor?”

So the first episode is worth watching, as far as I’m concerned… but, you know by now that I am a Surviror FAN. I would be out there if not for having to drag a dialysis machine around with me.

Also, we have the second episode of the new LOST** and it continues with plot twists and mystery as the survivors of Flight 815 meet the freighter people. Are they coming to save them or to destroy them? That is the question at this point in the series.

So, to wrap this post up, Thursdays will be filled with TV watching and my easy chair comments on these two shows. Onward through the Fog!

Notes: In at 76.6 and out at 74.9 Kgs.
* Survivor Micronesia online at
** LOST online at


Jackson said...

Hello Jack, Also being both a"Survivor" and a "Lost" fan from day one I thought I would ask you what your take is on Lost? The new foursome from the freighter seem to be entwined with the Oceanic flight and Dharma both even though they claim not to have known about the survivors being on the island. They are after Ben (the human punching bag). Just retired myself at the young age of 63 and another Jack as well. -Jack

Jack Nowicki said...

Well Jackson, I really don't know what is happening on LOST... there are so many different threads intertwined and I know the poducers/writers are out to stump us, so I am not real motivated to figure it out... I just enjoy watching the whole thing unravel. Its kinda like working with a family in family counseling, where we try to observe the relationships between all the factors and give them feedback about the options they have, knowing all the time that they will always know more than we know, even though they don't always know they know. The freightor people are like the long lost uncle who shows up and we can't really figure out how he'll fit into the existing system. The best we can hope for is that he has unusual and intriguing stories to tell. That's kinda the way I see it. JN