227) Spring Has Sprung & I Am Late

March 20, 2008

El Milagro
: How late can I come to dialysis? Well, today I am an hour late! Rosie asks, “Why are you so late?” and I reply, “I have no idea. I checked the time sometime earlier at work and then things started happening and all of a sudden I looked at the clock and it was 4:40! So, I called here and got Suzanne on the phone and told her I was on my way and to apologize to you all.” Then, of course, the traffic was bumper to bumper pre-bunny all the way across town.

“Oh. You lost track of time” she replied. Her reply bushwhacked my little brain a little… I lost track of time?… that would’ve been an easy thing to say… why didn’t I think of it? Then she added, “so, I guess we won’t let you off til 8:30…” to which I responded, “how about only 3 hours since I only gained 2 pounds or so?” She snickered and only much later did I get it: she was suggesting 3 hours.

Today is the first day of Spring and Zilker Park was full of people, reminding me of Les Grande Jatte by Suerat… in the way of perfection being reminiscent of a clear day with sparkling color and bright hues splashing around, which also slowed me down. In Sureat’s painting I always hallucinate that these folks have left work early to go to the park, although I believe he mostly painted Sunday strollers. Anytime the weather and colors are striking, I immediately jump in my mind to this painting; perfect reflection of light and color.

As Rosie is poking me and setting me up, Ron the Nurse comes by to do my nursing evaluation and I ask them for feedback about the recent St. Patricks’ Day snacks. Rosie replies that staff loved my cookies ("they’re not too sweet; just right") and Ron added that the staff have really had a good week, food wise. There were cupcakes, my cookies, and a cake brought by someone today. I mentioned that perhaps the idea is catching on for bringing snacks. I added that I would love to bring a big hotel tray of enchiladas except we on dialysis can’t eat them… and that somehow tangented into my describing our chile rellenos to Rosie. She likes 'em with cheese and carne... we from El Paso, only with the anaheim chile and the white cheese.

They move on and I settle in to watching ABC News: we have thousands of troops coming home with traumatic brain injuries and Bob Woodward interviews them over and over and it is a sad report on the war and the government’s putting effort into the war but not so much on caring for the kids afterwards.

I am awaiting Survivor but to no avail… Duh. March Maddness has taken over CBS: which is okay… so I watch A&M beat BYU. Later I click back and forth from basketball to LOST and somehow I get lost in the shuffle. I get unhooked and shoot home to see the end of lost… too late and now we are all lost.

So it goes.

Notes: In at 77.7 and out at 74.7 Kgs.

BTW: I know I haven't posted in awhile... have been busy with my ongoing life and in and out of town and even thinking about other ways to take this blog... and haven't really come up with anything... so I haven't been super motivated to write. (In case you wonder)
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Nathan said...


I've been following the news lately, and I was wondering if you (or anyone at your clinic) was having any problems with the fake Heparin from China. Just curious. I hadn't read anything from you about the Heparin from you.

Jack Nowicki said...

Hi Nathan ~ I haven't heard this Heparin news (where have I been?) and no one at my dialyis center has said anything. I'll ask on Tuesday when I am there again. JN

kathy said...

Loved the references to la grande jatte -- don't know if you've seen it in person, but it is awe inspiring by its sheer size and the tiny, tiny pindots of paint. My mother and I saw it at the Art Institute in Chicago. I stood back looking and looking at it and then said, "I wonder which was the dot that he painted and then stood back and said, 'there, it's finished.'" She told me I had a "unique" mind to think of such a question. :)

Jack Nowicki said...

Kathy ~ I have'nt seen the original but have seen a number of Suerat's paintings in various exhibits... I've always loved the neo-impressionists, especially Paul Signac. Since studying them in school in the late '60's, I try to picture reality by visualizing scenes broken into their primary colours, like they painted them. JN