226) A Visit from Liz

March 11, 2008

El Milagro: Today is a little strange cause Herman the Nurse is here filling in for someone AND Suzanne the Administrator is on the floor! The place has had some trouble with keeping up with the state requirements for staff on the floor, and is trying to hire techs and get them trained… for some reason today Suzanne and Herman are here helping out. It’s nice to see that the administration works the floor and I can tell that Suzanne will learn something that will help her as an administrator. I have always agreed with the concept of cross training and I can observe Suzanne’s mind working as the techs are showing her their tasks and regimens.

Today I get John the Reader’s chair as he is leaving. He says he is somewhat better and he looks better. Carol the Tech sticks me and I settle in to my session, listening to NPR in my ears and deciding to have brief doze first. Someone is gently jiggling my leg… it is Lizzie! She has dropped by to bring me some candy. She stays for awhile and I am temporarily one of those people who has someone there with them. Very Cool! I introduce her to Suzanne and Herman brings her a chair and we sit there and talk a bit and look at the TV. I get an idea of how devoted these people who come and sit by their loved ones are that I hadn’t had before. Anyway, it is a neat thing and then she leaves and I start watching something on TV…

Notes: In at 76.9 and out at 74.8 Kgs.
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