234) The 38th Anniversary of the Breakup of the Beatles

April 10, 1970

El Milagro: I arrive and find my chair on the back wall and Jo the Nurse, in a brightly colored smock, smiles her way over and gets my BP and sets up my machine. She asks who I want to poke me, with the big guy, Joseph the Hulk, standing right behind her. I say, "The big guy can do it." and he smiles. Then, somehow Carrie the Tech zips in and starts unrolling the tool kit and Joseph just stands there and Carrie says, "Oh... did I interrupt something here?" and Joseph replies, "fine with me for you to do the work here." and they chuckle and Carrie ends up poking me a little too fast, causing more pain than usual.

I listen to NPR ATC (food prices up 50%!), then watch the ABC News and then channel surf over to a show about the history of horse and buggy driving (http://www.rfdtv.com/shows/ruralheritage.asp) which is moderately interesting. At 7, of course, it's Survivor... where Eliza presents a fake "hidden immunity idol" and ends up going home. My take... this series not as interesting as usual, although I do like several of the players (James and Parvati), both past series 'favorites'.

After Survivor I find that LOST isn't on. It's LOST and I can't find it! I have to watch a repeat of Restless Houswives in Suburbia. Boring.

I settle on reviewing an article about the "art" of social work practice* that posits that EBP's are okay but miss the point of excellence in the practice of social work, since canning practice strategies, doesn't allow for creativity and intuitiveness of delivery. Graybeal says, "Competence in social work... will be found... by the creation of uncommon common sense. Social work is a matter of intuitive understanding, but it must be the intuition which is unusually sound, unusually fluent and accessible, and subject to unusually careful evaluation."

Soon it is time to unhook and go out into the leaving light. So it goes.

Notes: In at 77.8 and out at 74.9
* Graybeal, C.T. (2007) Evidence for the art of social work. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services 88(4), 513-523.
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