253) ADD Planning

July 8, 2008

El Milagro: So, I drive over here from the office and park in the parking lot and gather up a newsletter to read and a book for my fall class... and, by the time I've got those together in my dialysis bag... it starts pouring down rain like it's been holding up there in those clouds all day long. If I had been two minutes earlier I'd be in there right now, dry. I wonder how long this will last I say to myself as I jump out and walk quickly to the door... I am wet and by bag is even wetter. I find my chair and dry off a little. Celeste the Nurse takes my BP and reports I have 15 minutes before my chair is ready.

I settle in to reading the new TNOYS' marketing newsletter and my mind is playing critical teacher. "Did they not even edit this thing?" I wonder what Theresa thinks and almost call her and then get a second thought and criticize myself for being so critical. I'll probably hear more about this in due time. "Big Daddy" Joseph comes up to canulate me and we are on our way.

I'm back into my routine finally. As I am looking for my notebook to make a note or two, I pull some papers out of my dialysis bag, un-clip them and get ready to make some notes... thinking they are old PAC announcement pages from a month or so ago. I start writing and then un-clip a sheet and turn it over semi-consciously... I find these are the missing evaluations from one of my workshops in Ft. Worth back on June 24th! I chuckle to myself and then feel embarrassed that I emailed the folks up there saying the evals were missing.

I have too many categories in my life to keep any real order. "How in the heck did 42 evaluation forms find their way into my dialysis bag?" Do I ever even look in this bag, beyond the red Mexican blanket and my blue and yellow pillow?

Usually my papers don't flow across my categories: the TNOYS' papers stay in my briefcase and mostly at work. My school stuff stays in a box and my home papers are spread all over the house (and garage) and only infrequently do some of them runaway from their category and hide in another category... like this year's Kerrville Program, which slipped into a stack of papers at work. Or, my board folder, which hid under the seat of my truck for awhile. But evaluations in my dialysis bag? Never happen. That's serious.

I need an assistant, it's plain to see. My life would be easier if I had a super fast scanner that I carried around to super scan all my papers. I could categorize all my papers by type and put them in color-coded boxes. Orange would be the TNOYS papers. Green? ... green would be House papers. Burnt orange; UT stuff of course. Red must be dialysis stuff. Yellow stands for letters I've written to Katie giving her parental advise... actually, I could put that advice on post-its...

So, do I need any more colored boxes? I must be missing a whole category... must look under the seat of my truck when I leave tonight. Time to watch the news.

Notes: In at 76.8 and out at 75.1 kgs.

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