252) KFF - Last Weekend

Quiet Valley Ranch:Here are some pics of our friends and other staff at the festival: you know who you are! The third weekend I wanted to get pics of our kitchen krew, other staff, and people we see every year and note them here, even if not by name. I walked thru the weekend with my little camera and shot people as I found them, usually trying to catch them away from their jobs, except in the case of the Security folks,
in the
red t-shirts. My thought was to catch them enjoying the festival instead of working their shifts.

This weekend Michelle, Michael, Maya Papaya and their gang came and Shayna liked that. They settled above the rows of benches. The kids went swimming at the their hotel and basically we inseparable for the time they all were at the ranch.

The music highlights this weekend were Kathy Mattea and Amilia Spicer on Friday night, everyone on Saturday (Trout Fishing, Teri Hendrix, South Austin Jug Band, and Guy Forsthe), and the usual roundup of oldies on Sunday night (Wheatfield, Bobby Bridger and Anais Mitchell). Wheatfield is the original St. Elmo’s Fire, of which half became the famous Trout Fishing in America. I had never seen them play together although I know I saw St. Elmo’s Fire play at an Austin venue called Piggy’s back in the “ye olde days”… I think.

And, of course Trout played the mainstage and at the Children’s Concert… I went to the children’s concert on Sunday to see them and especially to hear them sing “pico de gallo”.

Usually Liz and Shayna cut out before the final night’s concert but this time because of the gas crisis (only bringing one vehicle) they needed to stay with me cause I don’t haul the pop-up out of the staff campground until after the whole thing is over and all the gates back there are open. It was really great to have Lizzie there for the Sunday night concert, and we sat with Bobby & Theresa and their crew and did the whole “heal in the wisdom” group sway and sing at the end, with Bobby Bridger, Bob Livingston, et. al. crooning out those words that bring us all here every year.

Again, I didn’t head to the campgrounds, but just back to the pop-up to settle in for a generous sleep. The next morning was a lazy one, taking our time taking down the camper and cleaning our site before heading out of the ranch for the last time this year. Every year I am sad to leave at the end of the fesitval, even though it cuts a huge swath in our ongoing weekend chores, hobbies, and other habits. And, every year we agree it it worth it!

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