256) Summer Saturday Movies

July 12, 2008

El Milagro: Of note today, Connie, my original nurse from Moritz's office (BD), is working today and we are happy to see each other and catch each other up on our various happenings: she is now working at the S. Austin office and has been doing hospital dialysis part time... says it has been a year since she has been here! WOW... time flies... Amanda the bright eyed, vivacious Tech cannulates me today and is bright and cheery... taking one summer class and generally looks relaxed and I am happy she wants to devote her life to working with us kidney people.

I have worn shorts today even though it is usually very cold in the center... it is so hot out this morning that I just couldn't wear my blue jeans. Before coming over here I mowed the lawn and did my basic yard duties and on the way over I heard that the temp is already 95 at 12:15 pm... supposed to hit 101 today.

Summer is HERE in Austin, Texas (hot "music capitol of the world" today). The sweltering Texas heat can keep people away and that's okay with us who live here and bask in the shimmering scortch, like lizards on a limestone sunbaked rock. It's really been a rather cool summer so far, but the weather wizards promise us hundred degree days from now on out.

I brought my text for the fall to read, and yet I really feel like seeing what is on TV... if nothing is on I'll study... AHA! I find the newish Harry Potter movie*, which my daughter has been on me to see for ages it seems. It seems like this must be near the beginning of he movie if it follows the last one by starting as the chums are preparing to go to Hogwarts for the school year. I settle back for a good two hour watch and completely enjoy the movie without any interruption.

Afterwards I am just about to flip off my TV when I notice on another TV across the room... Robert Duval in a beautiful gus crown hat... so I just have to watch... and I do for the rest of the time I am on the machine. This show is "The Broken Trail"** and I get sucked into it's portrayal of disenfranchized Chinese and women in the old west. Turns out this is a mini-series that was on AMC and there is no way I'll see it all unless we rent it. The part I see
I like and note that I want to see the whole thing sometime. So, I am watching TV the whole four hours today, and by the time I am done, I feel like doing something active.

Notes: In at 76.3 and out at 74.5 Kgs.
* Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, online at http://www.harrypotterorderofthephoenix.com/
** The Broken Trail, online at http://www.amctv.com/originals/brokentrail/

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