257) Hey hey Woody Guthrie, we're a singin' your song...

July 15, 2008

El Milagro: Just as I am walking out of the office, something comes up and I end up arriving at the center late-ish again... get seated and Big Daddy Joseph the Tech pops me and plugs me in by 4:30. I immediatly go to sleep and sleep all the way thru to 7:45 or so, when I wake up and catch the last few minutes of NOVA.

I am tired today from Shayna being at camp this week. Since she is at camp Liz and I are footloose and free and out on the town. Last night we went to Threadgills and heard Butch Hancock and Jimmy LaFave sing out their tribute to Woody Guthrie, along with a few other folks like Michael Fracaso, a fiddle player named Marcie, and a disheveled surfer dude who couldn't think of anything to play when Butch invited him up to play.  

The whole show was very loose with Butch highlighting everything with his unbelievable ability to pull looseness together and play perfect guitar and inspired harmonica while remembering the words to all his and Woody's songs.  Jimmy was also playing well, although his voice was somewhat coarse from, he said, playing at the Woody-fest up in Oklahoma* for the last few days.  

As usual, Butch was amazingly charismatic and witty and generally standing out as the most "talented", yet casual musician of the group. The setting was intimate and the weather an Austinish balmy summer night.  Lizzie and I sat in the front row in an audience of about 200 of Austin's Woody Guthrie fans and Butch friends and had a fun time there.  

[Since I couldn't find any reviews of the Threadgill's Butch Show, I guess mine is it on the web for now.]

*Woody-fest, online at www.woodyguthrie.com 

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