268) Another Conference Over

August 15, 2008

El Milagro: I am here on a Friday instead of Thursday because of a work obligation... had to attend our annual Gala* last nite. One of the highlights of the Gala this year was our finding Mary Gordon Spence to emcee. She was her usual home-spun self and had the audience laughing throughout the serious presentation of honorees. This year we honored Judge Sakai from San Antonio and Gloria Williams and Carmella Lucera of Austin. The Gala was held again at the Texas Disposal System Exotic Wildlife Ranch and Pavilion**. Another highlight for me was a "reunion" of old Middle Earth staff, Steve Bewsey, Jose del Valle, and me. Steve I see all the time, but Jose (another El Pasoan) I haven't seen in years... and it was great catching up with him.

Rosie poked me and we discussed my recent work schedule and her thoughts that I should be trying to back off some of the work stuff... "You are on dialysis, you know". I didn't tell her that recently I have been in a new phase of my dialysis... used to be that the dialysis was like a "maintenance" operation, meaning that I went from session to session feeling "normal" and the sessions kept me at that 'normal' state. Ever since the time I went too many days (see July 22 ~ # 260) it seems that there is now a new cycle that happens. I feel good after dialysis for a day or so, and then begin feeling more dragged out and sometimes nauseous as I approach my next dialysis session. I hope that this cycle thing that is happening is maybe related to summer and it being really hot and uncomfortable in Austin right now, like 100 each day for over a month now. My lab work doesn't seem to indicate any changes in my chemistry that may be indicative of the dialysis working less well.

After Rosie cannulated me, one of nurses I don't know did my nursing evaluation and I settled in to listening to NPR ATC and reading. First thing I read is a letter the dialysis people gave me, from the provider of my meds to my doc, saying that I am approved for continuing my prescription for Sensipar for another year... this is good, since Sensipar is one that costs $1096 a month, according to the label that reports, "your insurance saved you $1065.99".

Then I read a handout I picked up at our conference from a workshop entitled, "Navigating the Culture of Poverty"... it has a few interesting questionnaires... Could you Survive in Poverty? with some statements reflecting the certain survival knowledges one needs to have when they are poor, middle class, and wealthy.

Then I start to read on my text for the fall semester... close my eyes... and drift off into a doze... It is nice to take a long nap after working conferencing for three days straight! Just let all the stress, worries, and concerns go... and take a nap. I sleep until about seven and wake up to watch Legally Blond on ABC: a nice escapist, no brain, activity to act as a break state between the busyness of the conference and the home chores of the upcoming weekend. And so it goes...

Notes: In at 77.8 and out at 75.2
* TNOYS 4th Annual Gala retrieved online from http://www.tnoys.org/about/gala.php
**Texas Disposal Exotic Wildlife Ranch & Pavilion retrieved online from http://www.texasdisposal.com/ExoticWildLife/WildLifeRanchMain.htm

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