269) End of Summer Sale

August 16, 2008

El Milagro: I am here just a little late today... had to actually go to the mall! Yes, me. You see, the Macy's had their annual end of summer sale on men's shorts... which I get every year at the end of the year at one of those big department stores: 4 pairs for $27! That slowed me down enroute to dialysis. Rosie the Tech had arranged for me to come in at 1:30 today and I was at the store at 1 to get the sale price, which I read to say was effective "after 1". So there I am standing at the checkout counter with my four shorts at about 1:10 and the sales guy tells me that the sale was BEFORE 1. I say, "No. Look at the ad." and he proudly replies, "Let me show YOU, sir". and he shows me that it says "SALE, bla bla bla for 5.99 a pair bla bla...and then written below is After 1:00 pm. on sale for $16.00." Well, I immediately claim old guy stupidity, misrepresentation on their part, and then beg for the sale sale price. He shakes his head and rings it up and voilĂ ; it is still in the register at the sale sale price. So I am a happy camper zipping outa the parking lot and up the hill to El Milagro.

I get called in (they still have the closed door policy ~ and yes, Kim the Blogger Tech [
asthepumpturns], you are correct that in most clinics they do it the way you describe and explain. See # 267) I wait a few minutes until they call me in and Gladys the Trainer Tech cannulates me... first time in ages... she is now the trainer and has these new techs following her around like puppies. She pokes me painlessly... she's still one of the best!

I am tired of watching the olympics so I look around for some movies and find an unknown, non-star movie called "The Trophy Bride's Secret" that keeps me entertained while I doze and take off the minimal 1.2 kgs.

Notes: In at 74.8 and out at 73.6 kgs.

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