283) The Bailout; or as Kim would say, "another boring post"

September 23, 2008

El Milagro: Arrive almost thirty minutes late today and sneak in as someone is leaving. Carrie the Tech directs me to the first chair inside the door, sets me up, and sticks me. "Quick and dirty" could describe it. I put new batteries in my radio without turning it on yet. All the news today is about Congress balking at the Bush Administrations new travesty; the $700 billion gift to Wall Street otherwise known as the bailout package.* It seems, however, that Bush has finally been able to create a nonpartisan congress... united against this overt reinforcement for bad behavior!

I am excited about reading my Walter & Peller on the "hypothetical solutions frame" and I wonder if these two were NLPers, since their language tracks NLP... like "frames" and "framing". They certainly are on the behavioral side of these language strategies, the other side of the continuum from Gilligan's "Crystal Rainbow Pattern"!

Turn on the radio now and they just did another story about "the bailout". Paulson said a year an a half ago that the whole thing would be okay and now we must sink 700 Billion in with no oversite protections for the deal and no financial punishment for the leaders of the dabacle. Paulson did nothing for ages and now the administration wants to do change immediatly and secretly and with no alternatives or options up for grabs. Sound familiar?

So, I turn off the radio again and go back to my book. Basically a studious evening and rushing home to see the season premier of Without A Trace.

Notes: In at 76.6 and out at 74.4 kgs

*Prins in Mother Jones, available online at http://www.motherjones.com/commentary/columns/2008/09/decoding-the-fed.html

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