284) Dieticians REVOLT!!

September 25, 2008

El Milagro: Got here by 4:30 even tho I didn't get away from class until 4:15. Jo Ann (the Tech I don't know but finally asked her name) stuck me and did a good job and Rosie the Tech came by to adjust the machine to her own idea of what it should be... saying, "He comes off at 8:30!" Then she reset my machine while Jo Ann got my bath. Jordy the Dietician comes up with my lab report and she complains that my phosphorous is UP again... this time only to 5.9, which is only .4 over the high mark... (3.5 to 5.5 in OK) and we both agree that that is much better than the historic 7 it was recently. "But", she says, "What did you do to get it up... not take your binders... eat cheese?" I replied that I don't know and I don't really feel like racking my brain right now to figure it out... "I'll just be more careful again!" Jordy complains that everyone does great at the mid month labs and then does worse at the final month labs and 'they' "grade me on the ones people don't do well on!" I am surprised 'they' grade her at all on a variable that she has virtually little control over... and she says, "They DO!" #1 I share that we grade family counselors on what they do, not how the clients do because they really have no control over their clients and I would think that in the medical community would be even more difficult to rate a dietician on her patients' lab results.

And if they do, #2... they should rate them on the lab report that they have done most to impact, which is the Big Labs done at the beginning of the month. Those may be showing the dietician's work since they make signs, remind patients, and reward them for THOSE labs, not the end of month labs. So, it would make more sense, I think, for "them" to rate the dieticians on the Big Labs.

I call Jordy back over to tell her my thoughts on this deal and recommend she ask 'them' to start evaluating her on the basis of Big Labs... and cheer her on with a fist salute and a yell... "Dieticians REVOLT!!"

Today my radio is all fuzzy no matter how I set it and I still listen to the crackly fuzzy news until the ABC News comes on and I see Charlie inteview McCain and OBama both about the current financial crisis. As the news meanders on thru it's various stories, I am reading my next week's chapter in de Shazer & Dolan, about de Shazer's fascination with Wittgenstein's rambling philosophy and the connection he draws between it and SFBT... thinking to myself, "the students are gonna detest this reading...". And I read on... plowing thru the old references to theory construction, ontology, and pedagogy and the ways that de Shazer was influenced therein. I read some, consider some, drift off some and read some more...

And finally I decide it is time for some tube and I turn it on and lo and behold... there is the start of SURVIVOR GABON! WOW!! Synchronistically, I turn on the TV right at the beginning of the new Survivor... the first episode. So, of course I have to watch, if only to compare it to the past entertaining seasons and the boring ones. This one is in the middle of the jungle and the survivors include old and young and everything in-between... After Survivor I switch over to Grey's Anatomy and wonder if I'll get re-involved with this show this season... who knows?

So, Thursdays are back to TV nights for awhile... goodbye Wittgenstein hello Probst!* And, this Thursday my daughter is out right now with the family celebrating her 12th Birthday at Shady Grove... Happy Birthday Shayna!

Notes: In at 76.5 and out at 74.5 kgs.
*Jeff Probst on Survivor 17: retrieved online from Hollywood Insider

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