285) Life's a Blur

September 27, 2008

At Home: Liz and I get up around 8 cause we don't want to disturb the six girls (a number limited by parents ahead of time, since Shayna wanted at least ten) lined up on the living room floor all sleeping off their slumber party. Last nite they went ice skating and my best pic of the nite is posted here. Two of the girls are awake by 8:30 and the rest roll out about 9 or so. I make coffee and Lizzie starts the big pancake breakfast for the herd.

I Call El Milagro and Jason the Tech checks and finds I can come in at 2:00 today, which will give me time to get all set up in time to see Texas beat Arkansas at 2:30!

El Milagro: I arrive at the facility and theres a bunch of folks waiting outside, with one of the guys who brings his mother knocking lightly on the locked door. I walk up and he says no one is around to open the door. I knock LOUDLY on the glass and Jason the Tech, from accros the room, hears it and comes over to open it. He pokes his head out, looks around the full room, and disappears back into the treatment room... pops back out a few seconds later and calls about four of us waiters in. I have modeled assertiveness for these waiters.

I remember to weigh myself today, which is probably a first. Usually I walk right past the in-floor weighing station... Jason points me to the back half of the room and Rosie the Tech shows me my chair. She comes over to poke me and we discuss the candidate's debate... she thinks it was pretty boring... and that Obama looked "more presidential" because he was cool as a cucumber whereas McCain looked like he had a chip on his shoulder, and didn't really look at Obama and was smirking! "Smirking? I didn't notice that. I was surprised that they really agreed about most everything and thought it was funny that Jim Lehrer had to goad them into talking to each other." I replied. I added, "I think the public wants these debates to be like wrestling...", to which Rosie quiped, "Yeah! Candidates mud wrestling would be great!" And, we both simultaneously said, "WAIT TIL NEXT FRIDAY. That's the one to see..."

Mary the Nurse comes over and does my nursing evaluation while I am listening to Folkways and waiting for the UT - Arkansas game. When the game comes on ABC I switch my earphones to the TV switcher and settle back to watch the game. Today I forgot my dialysis bag and as I am sitting there starting to freeze I remember I have a flannel shirt and some candy in my truck. I call Rosie over and ask if it is against the rules to send her out to my truck to get my candy... and she replies that she can get it... and does. Yeah Rosie! Now I am happy as a clam under my flannel shirt cozied up with a bag of hard candy, watching UT smear Arkansas. What a day.

The only bummer that I hear about during the game is that Paul Newman* died today. Newman was a mega-star mensch! Pure integrity. I loved watching him in films since I was a youth and he always was a character that dripped "cool". We will miss him. Speaking of stars, this weekend is the Austin City Limits Festival and hundreds of bands are all gathered to entertain about 65 thousand people a day. Makes me think of my friends Edna and Richard, who I always hope will come in from California and Utah for this... Edna cause she covers Music for USA Today and Richard cause ACL used to be his favorite show. ACL, UT football, Shayna's birthday, and
Rosh Hashanah around the corner... keeping life on dialysis busy busy. So it goes on the planet.

Notes: In at 76.8 and out at 75.0 kgs.
* Howell,P. Paul Newman, 83, Acting legend, retrieved September 2008 online from thestar.com, http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/article/507744

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