October 10, 2008

On the Road to El Milagro: I called at 11 this morning and can come in at noon; come in at noon to see the game with no interruptions. I had thought we could have a game party at home... and then Shayna split and Liz is wandering around doing chores and talking on the phone and there w
on't be any clam dip... so, I am off to dialysis for quietude for watching the game! On the way over I am listening to the game on AM radio and hear the roar behind Shipley running back a kickoff for a TD!

El Milagro: When I arrive and enter the waiting room there are 6 waiters in burnt orange t-shirts screaming at the TV at every good play. All the chairs facing the TV are full so I just stand there watching too... until a commercial... and someone tells me the door is open. I walk in and remember to weigh myself and find my chair on the back wall. Ann the Nurse comes over and sticks me fairly well and I don't really care cause my whole consciousness is on the TV screen watching the 92 thousand red and orange blur in the expanded Cotton Bowl. Ann comes back and does my nursing eval and makes positive comments about the game which I don't really hear thru my headphones. I do notice that almost all the TV's are on the game and there is usually a cheer in the center when something advantageous to Texas happens. There are about 15 burnt orange t-shirts in here too... and I am wearing my "What Starts Here Changes the World" t-shirt.

I watch the game and can't really write at the same time... Texas scores and OU scores and they are ahead and we catch up and then they get ahead again and we are playing really good even without the needed running game... and we catch up and by half time we are only down by one point! Against #1 OU that is great!

Later: WE WON THE GAME! Wow. Texas kept up, wore OU down and then, when Stoops had to resort to
some dirty football, Texas got ahead and never looked back. OU isn't used to being behind and their boys just get mean and nasty when they do (seems like to me after watching OU football for 30 years now). And Colt's Longhorns are so motivated to win that whenever they are losing they play 110% to catch up. The offensive line was really tough today and the defense played their best game to date. What a game! I can't wait to see the changes in the national standings.

So, the game is over and I am happy and the old woman beside me who is someone who has been here a long time is now coming in from the hospital and I wonder why she doesn't get dialyzed there cause she seems in no shape to be here. She is really weak, moaning in pain, and about fifte
en minutes after starting she throws up all over herself and the chair and everything within five feet of her mouth... yellow and chunky. Rich the Tech comes over and stands in front of her with a look of disdain about her behavior, while Ann the Nurse comes and begins to care for her. Rich walks away like he is relieved to not have to act, and Ann asks him to get a toss-up tray which he takes his time getting. Ann cleans the lady up and Rich finally returns with a tray and sets it on the lady and backs off again. (Let me again say, I don't much care for Rich's manner or his behavior of only being of use when some other staff asks him directly to do something.) I later mention to Kim the Nurse and Rosie the Tech that I think that the woman is in pain and needing more attention and both of them, without breaking confidentiality, explain that she has recently had surgery and is heavily medicated for pain. I should ask why she is here rather than in the hospital, but don't want to get too involved. I can't ignore her pain though, and it makes our OU win a little less stimulating.

I don't want to watch more football, having had my thrill of the week... so I find an old movie on TCM; The Haunting* (1963) with Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, and Russ Tamblyn... and it takes my mind off my chair neighbor with her own horrors. This movie is really a good, old fashioned, horror movie; one of those that lets the scare develop in your brain and fantasies, rather than showing lots of blood and gore on the screen. I enjoy the flick and when it is over I am ready to go home.

Kim the Nurse unhooks me and I say a quiet "god speed" to the sick woman whose eyes are only slits of pained consciousness. I can't tell if she hears or gets my message as I walk by.

Notes: In at 76.8 Kgs. and out at 74.4 Kgs.
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* The Haunting, retrieved online October 2008 from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Haunting_(1963_film)

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