288) Another Day At the Salt Mines

October 14, 2008

El Milagro: Here on time today. Jo Ann the Tech has me in the back corner today... and it seems they are low staffed... I only see two people per side. Jo Ann quickly pokes me and is on her way. Celeste the Nurse comes over and does my nursing eval and I report to her about needing to reschedule my 10/25 session to 10/27 if possible due to being in San Antonio on the 25th. She says I need to talk to Jay the Boss Nurse, who'll be here tomorrow.

I read my Berg chapter for Thursday's class, listen to ATC and about the time I'm done Dr. Venkatesh comes by for her doctor's visit. As I've reported before, she takes more time with each person and is a hundred times more professional than Rowder was: she carefully reviews each person's binder, bows closer over them to talk to them quietly, asks each person questions and seems to genuinely care about the short conversation. I can no longer call these things "drive bys".

I turn on the ABC News at 5:30 and hear all about the economy's upward surge, the campaign's boring continuance, and other "big" news. I drift off into sleepy land for awhile...

And wake up sometime later to some dumb show... channel surf around until I find an old movie on TCM and drift through it until time to leave. Another day at the salt mines.

Notes: In at 77.6 and out at 74.5 kgs.

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