289) Its Finally Fall

October 18, 2008

Morning: We're
up early for Shayna's soccer game against the Fireballs at 8 am. A brisk morning temperature of 60 brought us out in levi's and jackets for the first time this fall. Winds were from the northwest at about 3 to 5... just enough for a chill... my coffee cooled off too fast on the field. By half time the kats were up by 4 and coach Charlie was not happy; saying that they had not played the first half like they usually play and he wanted them to play like it is a real game the second half. This pic is of Coach Charlie figuring out the second half roster just after his little speech to the girls. They are heading back to their bench... Shayna waving "hi". They came out and played a livelier second half and at the end the score was 11 to 1! Because of a schedule change, the kats play again tomorrow out at Lake Travis. We celebrated by stopping by the Donut & Taco Palace for breakfast tacos.

El Milagro:
Ann the nurse calls and we agree that I'll come in at 1:30, which woulda happened had I not been overwhelmed by the beautiful weather and my usual habit of driving to work; these are crystal clear skies and I can't wait to see the view of Austin's skyline from the top of the MoPac Flyway. It is like a postcard! So, anyway, right at the top of the flyway a little voice in my brain needles me: "Psst. We're really supposed to be down on the Ben White part of the roadway buddie." This realization did not interrupt my enjoyment of the view, but it did cost about 5 minutes of time in my trip to dialysis.

And, of course, my chair isn't ready when I arrive, although it is only about a 5 minute wait so I sit and start reading an article on SFBT with Survivors of Suicide. My chair is in the front corner that used to be my favorite corner back when I was studying the staff and their movements around here. Ann the Nurse does my cannulation and my nursing eval and I am emmersed in Folkways: playing now --> Rise & Fall of Intelligent Design - Rodney Crowell @ 2:45 pm.*

I'm finishing the journal article and another one I find in my bag from last session: a chapter from Insoo and Yvonne's book, Tales of Solutions. Reading and listening:
now playing the Austin Lounge Lizards' Ain't Gonna Rain... and Jason the Tech starts coming by and checking my machine and we discuss briefly tonight's game with Mizzou. Also, Connie the Nurse is here today and she eventually pulls up a rolling stool and sits for awhile catching up on her life and her son's adjustment to 5th grade. She is happy as a lark about son and life and that is good to see... although she always seems to be on the brighter side of life.

Now playing Bob Dylan's Baby Let Me Follow You down from his first album... and now now following with his rendition with the Band, Forever Young/Baby Let Me Follow You Down from The Last Waltz. What great music... and since it is pledge drive*, I sit here planning to pledge (we pledge once a year in the fall). And then I hear that someone has challenged listeners with "if 30 people pledge before the end of Folkways" they'll give an extra $500 and also, right now until 4 people who pledge at our rate also will get the new Band of Heathens CD. "Wait!" I say to myself... "I have a cell phone!" So I pull it out, turn it on, and dial 471-6291 and renew our membership.

The ATC show starts and I listen to the news portion and then decide I don't need more of this and start channel surfing until I find STAR TREK Nemisis!** and it hooks me, as Jean Luc Piccard and Data always do. I happily watch until Jason comes to check on me and interrupts my immersion with the notice that my BP is 80 over 50 something. How do I feel? Just dandy... and relaxed... okay... Jason readjusts my BP cuff and checks it again. I report that I'll concentrate on pulling it up and he leaves and I watch Piccard in a mental wrestling match with Shinzon. Jason comes back at the end of my time and my BP is up aways... he has me stand and it is just under 100 so he asks me to just sit awhile... which I am happy to do because of the exciting conclusion of the movie is happening right now. The movie ends and my BP is up to 110 over 60 something and I shoot outa there to rush home to see UT's home game against Missouri. What a life.

Notes: In at 76.4 and out at 74.4 kgs.
*Pledge NOW at https://secure2.convio.net/kut/site/Donation2?df_id=1601&1601.donation=form1
** Star Trek Nemesis retrieved online from AMG: http://www.allmovie.com/cg/avg.dll?p=avg&sql=1:266560

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