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December 18, 2008

El Milagro:
I'm almost half an hour late today; having had to get my noze zapped by Dr. Leary (for my HHT). He did his usual quick zap and all is better for the holidays. Jo the Nurse wants to set up next week's schedule cause they're closed for X-mas. Sherry Social Worker and I discuss trying to change my Medicare application to save the money I now owe El Milagro and figuring out if I'm gonna stay in Dallas for another treatment after the first one. So, between Liz the Wife, Jo, Rosie the Tech, and Jay the Boss Nurse we work it all out and I get an early time on X-mas Eve. Rosie stays to poke me and hook me up. By the time we're done it's time for ABC News.

December 16, 2008

El Milagro: Returning today is almost like retreating to my sanctuary after escaping from the Halls of DePelchin where a great meeting of the survivors of IKE sought to add understanding to havoc and create plans for the next catastrophe. I left the meeting early in Houston early, running out to my rented Corolla and charging into the west thru plains and forests to hide in this sanctuary called El Milagro: holing up from the anxiety created there in this place miles away from that hall and it's despair.

My haven here in this place called El Milagro is the harbour where I can dock from the storm and have no worries or tensions... a place to sail back to after my forays into the world and a cathedral of blood cleansing...

So, here is the deal. Since my last dialysis my life has been like a medieval battle against a unseen foe. All of my armaments for winning the battle have been like unproven tools improperly forged for the test ahead. "Medieval" because thats how it feels to prepare for an important summit when the whole modern network of computer to printer to internet system falls apart technologically during the last hour of preparation. These office networks are like the alchemy of the day: only the guy from the consultant group knows where to tweek it effectively, and is he available on a Sunday? HA!

So I am left to cut and paste together all my materials for two trainings and one summit! ARGHHHHH! I got so mad at this mess that I finally resorted to calling my boss, Kim, and yelled epithets at her to let off steam.

After a day of training topped off with a visit to my current favorite Houston eatery (El Pueblito on Richmond) I retreated to my La Quinta to rest and got up early this morning to re-plan the summit down from a 75 person meeting to a 30 person meeting. Then, one of my facilitators was an hour late due to Houston traffic and the meeting began more like a processing session for people still in the throws of crisis from the hurricane. And, knowing I had to leave the summit early to get back here in time for dialysis... just made the day an anxious stressful day.

Now to lay back and rest.

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