306) Holiday Cookies

December 21, 2008

El Milagro: Arrive here today to find the holiday cookies that Liz and I were discussing this morning: discussing in the way of mentioning that we haven't made any yet. And, we haven't put up most of the Hanukkah decorations yet. And, we haven't finished shopping for the family gifts that satisfy the kids' goal of the season. And so on.

We haven't made our cookies yet but someone here has and I gobble up a few
of the little ones that are similar to Russian Tea Cookies. Yum. Then I take a few sugar cookies with red sparkles on top into the treatment room with me. Amanda the Great Tech pokes me today and we discuss some peoples' squeamishness about the sight of blood while she does her usual excellent job of sticking.

Dr. Venkatesh and Jo the Nurse drop by for the doc's Holiday Drive By and they want to know all about the first night of Hanukkah last night. "Do you get one gift each for all eight nights?" I explain that a lot of Jewish folks pick one of the eight nights and use it like Christmas and then on the other nights they light the Menorah, say prayers, and maybe the kids get some small gifty out of a grab-bag. Even though our home celebration was last night, since we are so disorganized this year, the event has to extend thru the next nights just as a matter of practicality. Jo reminds me that she loves latkes and seems to miss her old Jewish boyfriend (by that dreamy look in her eyes every time she mentions him). Dr Venkatesh is concerned about m
y highest ever Phosphorous score (10) and I assure her that I think it is a lab error cause I can't figure out how I coulda done that bad on my eating habits. The Doc also reports that my blood clearance, potassium (4.9=low), and URR are perfect... and my protein stores are a bit low.

Sherri the Social Worker visits to deliver a map to the Dallas Dialysis place I'll be at next Saturday. I tell her I haven't yet called the Medicare people to back date my application and still need to do that to get rid of that ugly $900 bill that causes me to shiver every time I think of it.

I hear on NPR that a judge in Midland is now putting ankle bracelets on juvenile truants. Wow! Causes school attendance to improve by 50%... but is it legal (ACLU asks)?

News Flash: We have our 2008 Holiday Picture ready to go out... thanks to all the kids being able to meet us at the same time and place... and the work of Kim's David in clicking the pics. It was so DAMN cold out there we didn't spend too much time with "takes"... the slight blur is the blur of the holidays around here.

Notes: In at 78.3 kgs and out at 75 kgs even.

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