326) Face Book Onslaught

February 7, 2009

Face Book! Argggh. Everybody's on Face Book! Ya gotta be on Face Book. "Not me... that's for kids!" Etc. Etc. Well, this morning on NPR's Weekend Edition... According to Andy Carvin we ALL have to be on Face Book "if we have anything to say in the public realm". Now there's 150 Million peeples on FB! So, do I have anything to say? Some would say, "
Not really!" and they are the ones who know me.

So, if I want to make a statement in the public realm, I gotta get on Face Book. So, now I'm on Face Book you all! You can find me by clicking here --> Jack . Actually, I guess we could blame my old friend Cliff for inviting me to FB and it was his putting a picture of he and Skinny from 1975 the encouraged me to dig up a pic of me and Susie from 1973 or so... and then a pic of me in 1950... and then I went nuts and found a ton of pics of me to put there. Arrogance? (head shrug no) Self-centered? (maybe) Narcisistic? (-Well Dusty thinks so, but I've looked it up and all the criteria don't match... whew!)

I just want to put out there for anyone to see...
that I am looking for an old friend,
or a new friend,
or a complete stranger to consider donating a kidney to me. Anyone interested can find out more by reviewing the links in the top sidebar. The longer I am on dialysis, the more anxious I am to get a kidney! So, that drives my self promoting behavior at this point.

El Milagro: In at 3 today, right on time. As I find my chair I turn to ESPN and watch UT lose to Nebraska in the last few minutes. This is their third loss in a row. I get over my loss in time to say Hi to Carrie the Tech, who sticks me very competently. I keep watching ESPN and MSU is on next against Indiana... and they surely will win this one. I turn down the sound, hook up my radio and earphones and tune into Folkways to hear some Great music. First thing I hear is a cut off of Asleep @ The Wheel's new album with Willie... Willie and the Wheel. I take out the newest Journal of Systemic Therapy, which I brought to review since the whole issue is dedicated to "walk-in" and "single-session" therapy, with articles by Bobole at Our Lady of the Lake in SA and Scamardo here in Austin. I am particularly interested cause of working with TRIAD in Houston a year or so ago to establish a two-tiered crisis center, where they take walk-ins and folks who want more than just a crisis session... so I am scanning this issue with Folkways in my ears and MSU on the tube. What more could be better?

Oh yeah... getting a kidney!

Later: I've reviewed most of the journal articles and we will make PDFs of them for our electronic library. As I'm reading and getting interrupted by the beginnings of Saturday's All Things Considered stories and news (they always interrupt in a way music doesn't). Plus, today my right leg is twitching so it too is jumping around, demanding my attention.

Finally I decide to lay back and just watch some TV; finding the end of Bill Murray's Meatballs and the first part of Apollo 13. As I finish my session, Rosie the Tech checks my BP and it is lower than the standard so I jump around to raise it... doesn't work so she finally offers me the choice of some broth, water, or shoot back some saline into me... I take the saline, and she says, "I'll just give you 100 cc's." Ann the Nurse and Rosie are discussing my dry weight again, both saying they think I am still gaining weight cause I shouldn't bottom out my BP at the end of treatment. So, it takes an actual 300 cc's before my BP comes up to 100/50 and they cut me loose. Rosie suggests I bring some saltines or pretzels in a little snack pack for the end of my sessions, if needed. Ann and Rosie are also thinking my dry weight should now be about 76 kgs... 167 lbs!

Yikes! That's more than I have ever weighed in my life! Must remember to stay in the present! All is well... accept... "asi es la vida"... "nam myoho renge kyo"... breathe...

Notes: In at 77.3 and out at 75.6


Janice said...

I feel for you buddy, about how agonizing dialysis could be and how aggravating a renal billing could be. Hold on to your sanity and strength. Compared to others, we are much more fortunate to afford dialysis. Positive thinking leads to positive living. :)

Jack Nowicki said...

thanks for the feedback Janice. Actually, I only gripe about dialysis once in awhile... usually I have positive attitude. You are right in that "we" are much more fortunate than many others who can't afford diaysis, and those who hate dialysis, and those who don't appreciate every additional day it gives us on the planet... and those who complain uncessently about the staff and procedures, and those who can't see the light... and those who don't realize that all the blessings already ARE!